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If you’re a fan of Schitt’s Creek, it’s no surprise that they killed it at the Emmy’s this year with nine wins. (If you’re not a fan, we have nothing to say to you). The outstanding cast with their quick wit took the top comedy awards, and we’d say it’s well earned. We've also said that while midcentury modern furnishings is the very foundation of touchGOODS, we know it's critical, perhaps now more than ever, to incorporate fun and a sense of humor into your living spaces. In honor of Johnny, Moira, David, and Alexis Rose, we are featuring our favorite Schitt's Creek must-haves this week. 

Schitt's Creek Saint Candles

Light it up and say a prayer the final season hits US airwaves soon with the Saint Celebrity Candles. Handmade glass labels on these white wax candles depict the ever so holy cast in saintly garb. This is a novelty you’ll want to hold onto long after the flame burns out (100 hours later, to be exact).

Sanitizing Spray

Ew, David. Hopefully we don’t have to keep saying this, but wash your hands and sanitize them, too. The glass vial spray bottles hold two ounces of germ-killing ingredients that also smell pretty great. Hand sanitizing gel is 70% ethyl alcohol, aloe leaf, carbomer, dimethicone, triisopropanolamine, and water, with the scent Satsuma Mandarin. Nice and clean.

Moira Rose greeting card

Catherine O’Hara’s iconic Moira Rose accent makes standard vocabulary actually fun. New bébé on the way? Swap out the standard stork card and say congrats with some eccentric Schitt’s Creek greeting cards. Get down for the party with Alexis Rose birthday cards, funny just-because notes, a reminder to smile even when the world is ending, and so much more.

Alexis Rose card

Mornings are hard. But if you must drag yourself out of bed, a Rose on your cup isn't a bad way to start your day... even if you're dying inside.

Schitt's Creek mugs

Congrats again to these amazing cast and crew on their epic Emmys wins, and thank you for the laughs. 

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