Il Fanale’s Fiori di Pizzo Collection

Illuminate your space with Il Fanale lighting. Made in Italy, the company’s collections combine old world technique and tradition to create modern fixtures for in and outside the home. Classical materials like copper, brass, iron, and ceramic give a rustic feel to the various collections, adding interest to form and function. In the spotlight this week is the stunning Fiori di Pizzo collection.

Reminiscent of delicate embroidered lace, the Bassano ceramic shade pays excellent attention to detail in the expertly drilled material. The white gleam of the glazed ceramic is an interesting pairing with the finished brass base, giving the illusion of mixing materials and textures as one would in designed furnished spaces.

This collection offers a number of styles to fit any space. Ceiling lights, single and triple pendants, pulley pendants, sconces, and more allow for the fixtures to be incorporated at any level needed. A symbol of a modern reinterpretation of classicism, the sophisticated collection has a romantic feel with its projection of flowers and decoration on walls in these illuminated spaces. 

Il Fanale’s Fiori di Pizzo lighting extends far beyond its primary function. As with much of what we love at touchGOODS, this collection lends itself seamlessly to midcentury modern design. The delicate detail of the perforated glazed ceramic complemented by rustic antiqued brass pairs well with the clean lines and darker wood tones of midcentury furnishings. It creates a layered look in spaces, like the dining room, adding a sort of depth to the design. We can envision this lighting in industrial, classic, and neutral spaces as well. This collection has the ability to subtly transform and illuminate your living spaces.


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