Gus* Modern

Gus* Design Group creates original modern furniture and home accessories inspired by mid-century classics and simple, everyday forms.

touchGOODS is proud to be an official Long Island retailer of the Gus* Modern furniture collection. Gus* Design Group is a furniture design and manufacturing company based in Toronto, Canada. The Gus* Modern Collection, comprised of upholstered seating, dining, beds, accents, lighting and accessories, can be found in store and online at touchGOODS. 

Browse the Gus* Modern Fall 2021 Catalog, which includes details about the latest collection of modern home furnishings, accents, and accessories.

If you'd like to experience our products in person or view fabric and finish options, please visit touchGOODS. To receive a physical copy of our catalog, please call or email.



Church Chair | touchGOODS Sold out :(


Church Chair

Sold out :(

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