In a Mood... for Novelties

Is it still called kitsch if it’s cool? We often say living spaces should reflect your personality and style, and we love how midcentury modern design allows for eclectic expression, so why not deepen this with a little novelty here and there? Maybe you want to start your day with a prayer to patron saints Johnny, Moira, David, and Alexis Rose. Perhaps a spritz of sanitizer post-everything-you-touch could remind you to… stop touching everything! Or maybe, you need a reminder that tequila is your friend. Whatever it is, let’s get through the pandemic and quarantine with a laugh at home.

hand candles

Anyone else have the Beastie Boys’ “Hey F*ck You” stuck in their head right now? 54 Celsius Candlehands come in a number of expressive gestures (can you guess which is our favorite?) that also smell pretty damn good. Pick your favorite color, give as a gift or better yet, keep for yourself. If you need the message spelled out for you, our line of luxe scented soy candles are labeled with fun little sayings like “Congrats on Your Divorce, We Hated Him” and “Not Enough Sage in the World for this Shit.” Hand-poured in New Jersey in delicious scents, they’ll bring a nice little smirk to your face.

Soy wax candle

essential oil hand sanitizer

Of the many things we can no longer leave home without, hand sanitizer is high on the list. TBH – most don’t smell that great. Refresh with a blend of germ-killing ingredients masked by the scent of amazing smelling essential oils. These porcelain and glass vial spray bottles are graced by the likes of Saint Cuomo and Saint Dr. Fauci, a few of your favorite Schitts Creek characters, and even Trump sporting a mask. 

Moira Rose coffee mug

The best part of waking up is… not. But, if you have to, serve your coffee in a cup that is a not-so-gentle reminder that the world is crumbling. At least you can come to consciousness with a laugh. Thank you again, Moira Rose. What would do without you?

In all seriousness, stay safe out there. Don't forget to keep your sense of humor in this crazy world. Wear a mask, wash your hands, support local businesses and respect the rules. "And if you don't like it, then hey..." 

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