Modern Love

Modern Love. No, we're not talking about the New York Times column (though it's worth checking it out). We mean our kind of modern - that good midcentury stuff. With Cupid gearing up to strike some love into our hearts, we're thinking of some cool, modern gifts to replace candy hearts and roses this Valentine's Day. Whether you celebrate or not, these are a few favorites that have us seeing stars...

handmade velvet hearts

Cut, sewn, and stuffed by hand, our new handmade velvet hearts are a beautiful, reusable decoration [or gift] that adds a little elegance to the holiday this year. Gather a few in a bowl or tray, hang them on a bottle of wine, doorknob, etc... whatever your [real] heart desires. We love how the coordinating ribbon adds a touch of sparkle to the velvet.

LED Heart Bulb

Shine a light on love with the LED Heart Bulb. Inspiring love, understanding and compassion, this beauty is all wrapped up in the coolest dimmable LED light bulb you've ever seen. You can put this just about anywhere and it is perfect for year-round use. 


Keeping on with the lightbulb theme... skip the flowers and opt for this pink LED flower vase lightbulb. The curved LED filament gives a warm glow against the pink hand-blown glass vase to create the perfect ambiance, whether it's your bedroom, your restaurant, or anywhere.


Heart Teak Bowl

One of our favorite things about midcentury modern design in décor and furnishings is the use of natural materials. We're also suckers for anything handcrafted, especially something as beautiful as this heart-shaped teak bowl made by artisans in Bali.


We have to have a little fun with V-Day and Dwight's dry sense of humor is kind of the perfect fit. Nothing says "I love you" like root vegetable... um, sure?

Anecdote Candles

Treat yourself and escape from it all with the warm and seductive Comfort Zone candle. Who says you need to spend Valentine's Day with anyone else? Or, use it to set the mood. It's a candle either way, after all! Orange blossom floats above a rich heart of coffee and jasmine, grounded by the warmth of vanilla, patchouli, and cedarwood for a modern take on introversion. 

Whatever your thoughts on Valentine's Day, just know that we got you. Share the love and tag your touchGOODS finds on Instagram!

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