Branch... A Peace Offering for Organization

Spring is coming... at least the calendar says it should be here soon. In the spirit of spring cleaning, we're thinking about ways to get organized in the home so we can spend more time outside of it. Our beloved Gus* Modern offers the solution to satisfy your craving for structure with the Branch modular organization system. 

The midcentury modern design is elevated by the modular components that allow for infinite elegant, open-storage options. Redefine spaces large or small, like an entryway, bedroom, living room, office, or retail space. Like we said, endless possibilities. 

Gus* Modern Branch shelves and desk

There never seems to be enough room on our desks. The Branch shelving unit with the desk attachment is one of our favorite renditions of the Branch line. You can now pile things high on your desk in a clean, organized, and beautiful way. Hey, you may even be able to find that post-it note without having to do too much digging.

Gus* Modern Branch entryway

Hands up if your entryway gets a little messy, too. No judgement - even in a pandemic we always seem to be on the go. This may be one of the most-used areas of the home that gets the least amount of love. Not fair. Give the space a much needed upgrade with this fully customizable organization system.

Gus* Modern Branch display unit

Branch's refined details soften its clean, modern lines with rounded edges on shelves and uprights. This structured architectural style creates an aesthetic that is intriguing without overpowering your display. Also, major bonus points for its straightforward installation, giving you more time to perfect your vision.

You know Gus* Modern is one of our favorites, and the Branch line only strengthens our love. Great design and practical purpose in modern furniture - what's not to love? 


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