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The days are getting longer, sunnier, and [dare we say] warmer! With spring on the way, we're thinking about all things light and bright and figured what better topic than to talk about lightbulbs? If you've been in the shop recently, you may have noticed we have a new lighting room. Lighting has been a growing part of our business over the past year and having a room dedicated to all the fixtures and bulbs that have our hearts has been pretty cool, if we do say so ourselves. So, let's get lit...

lighting room

Not everyone may realize how important lighting actually is in a space. It's a functional design element that sets a tone while serving a very basic purpose. In living spaces like the living room or bedroom, you can use various lighting styles and layers to create warmth and glow, setting a softer, relaxing mood in these rooms. In kitchens, levels of lighting are super important because, as we all know, it's kind of important to see what you're doing with a knife in your hand. Each room in your home (and outside, too) requires something different. 

vintage style Edison bulbs

Bulbs can most certainly help set a tone. These vintage-style Edison bulbs are playful, intriguing design elements that create a unique ambient glow. They're also a statement piece in themselves as a replacement to your traditional incandescent bulb. 

Edison lightbulb
Different shapes and sizes make these a perfect complement to various fixtures. They're nostalgic in a sense and, simply put, pretty cool to look at.
word lightbulb
If you're feeling extra playful, our word lightbulbs add more than just light to a room. Continuous LED filament is used to create various words within a large, clear bulb. Who says lightbulbs can't be fun?
Bulbs aside, we have a number of unique fixtures for indoor and outdoor living to amplify your spaces in a thoughtful way. Pendants and chandeliers, pulley lights, floor lamps, table lamps, wall lights, and lamp posts. Yes, we have it all. Ferroluce, an Italian, family-run company, has a collection of deco and retro lighting, like this vintage ceramic ceiling light. Industrial in style, it values a passed time which still belongs to us.
Handcrafted and inspired by old world tradition, Il Fanale uses classical materials like copper, brass, iron, ceramic, and Murano hand-blown glass. Perfect for the outdoors, their collection of wall sconces have a great material impact. 
However you light up, do it in style and elevate your favorite midcentury modern designs. Discover our vast collection online and in our store.

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