What's in a Name?

Just like interior design and style, a name is personal. Ours is rooted in the story of our business, from early beginnings to historical inspiration, family ties to collaborations. Helmed by a craftswoman with an eye for 

midcentury modern décor boasting clean, sweeping lines, soft edges, simple ornamentation, minimal fuss, well-constructed joints, and high quality wood with the warmest of tones, touchGOODS is a nod toward the simpler times born out of necessity. Now what defines simple has changed in this modern tech world. So what's in a name? And does its meaning change?


In the early days, Norine Pennacchia used to collaborate with a family-run business in the UK called Touchwood. They specialized in handmade bespoke furniture - hand-polished finished pieces that were lovely to see and to touch. Across the pond, you are encouraged to "touch wood" any time you mention hopes for the future, in order to avoid bad luck. It's the UK version of "knock on wood." It's a name that stuck with her, and a saying she finds herself using frequently. Coupled with the name of her husband's Italian restaurant, Touch of Venice in Cutchogue, it was a natural fit to call her own shop touchGOODS.


earthy stoneware

There is something special about this particular sense. To touch something, to feel it, gives a unique sensation. The smooth, finished surfaces of a modern wood table, the cooling, calming effect of a concrete planter, a thrilling sense of touching fragile glass, and of course, textures of fabrics like breezy linen, cozy wool, or strong canvas. In this era of online shopping, that initial association between sight and then touch is not necessarily lost, just delayed. 

stowe maple tray

We like to think of online shopping as just extending the excitement for what's to come. The joy of unboxing (and if you've been in touchGOODS recently since the expansion, just ask Norine about said joy) and finally getting touch a piece that spoke to you, just through the screen, really offers another feeling all its own. And we like it.

seeded carafe

As we focus on quality of craftsmanship and unique, sustainable, and thoughtful items, there's an assurance at touchGOODS that what you do order will meet that sensory need. Of course, you're always welcome to shop with us in-house. Nothing beats that IRL experience, right? And you can touch whatever you like! But remember, glass is delicate ;) 

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