Form Meets Function: Chilewich

You know those design brands that just check all the boxes? The ones that combine form and function, and if you can believe, are easily maintained? Well, we've got one we're just over the moon for. Chilewich is passionate about designing textiles that are beautiful, durable, and easy-to-clean. And a bonus (because you know we love those), the brand is committed to sustainability, with their woven textiles containing a minimum of 18% renewable vegetable content and made entirely in the United States. 

Led by creative director Sandy Chilewich, their design team includes master weavers who develop and refine innovative patterns and multi-tonal colors for collections that are renewed seasonally. And since the expansion of touchGOODS, we've been thrilled to carry Chilewich's lineup of modern table mats, floor mats, and more...

Chilewich boucle woven floor mat

One feature we really love about Chilewich is its versatility. Many of their products can be used both indoors and out, making that transition and connection between those living spaces seamless. The skinny stripe shag mats are ideal for use in kitchens, bathrooms, mudrooms, outdoor terraces, patios, pool areas, and entryways. So really, anywhere. They come in a number of colors and sizes, easily lending themselves to a variety of spaces.

Easily stored and interchangeable, Chilewich placemats add a bit more interest to dining tables. Rectangle, circle, or oval, these lightweight and durable pieces come in various color collections from solid to ombré to plaid to wave... and more. We love how easily you can mix and match, too.

Chilewich wave placemat

chilewich rhythm table mat

For a little extra something special for your tabletops, Chilewich's kimono table runner is a nod to the relationship between culture and design. With its sequence of angled, layered, and reflected linear forms, this multifaceted weave takes inspiration from the traditional Japanese kimono, including the set method for constructing the garment out of a single bolt of fabric, its distinctively wrapped front, and the precise folding technique used to preserve it when not in use.

chilewich kimono table runner

Revamp your indoor and outdoor spaces this summer with these many designs from Chilewich. Our newly expanded homewares section features pretty anything and everything you need to create a modern interior (and exterior) that tells a story - your story. We hope to see you at touchGOODS soon!

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