The Sweet Life with Guzzini

Dolce vita translates to sweet life and let us tell you, Guzzini is living it! In it for the long haul, this Italian maker of innovative homewares has been producing sustainable — and gorgeous — goods for more than 100 years. With the Dolcevita line, style, innovation and environmental sustainability meet in a collection of unique, exquisite objects that celebrate the natural elegance of their world-famous Italian lifestyle. We're thrilled to carry their collection of items produced in bio-based plastic; a renewable, modern, non-fossil organic material made from plant waste. Don't you just love a beautiful environmental win? Now, some faves...

Guzzini Dolcevita Centerpiece

Guzzini is the center of attention with this lightweight, durable, and outdoor-friendly serving bowl. Use for fruit or pasta salad on the patio, or style your tabletop centerpiece with this functional beauty. 

Guzzini Dolcevita Pitcher

Get fancy with infused water, find nostalgia with lemonade, or unwind with batch cocktails in this beautiful pitcher that celebrates summer. The stripe effect in various colors recalls midcentury design made with modern materials. We'll toast to that!

Guzzini Dolcevita Cake Platter

Now this is sweet. Display your favorite cakes, cupcakes, cookies, and other decadent treats in this cake platter with a domed lid that looks clear as glass. Perfect for outdoor gatherings to keep goodies on display and pesky bugs away.

Guzzini Dolcevita Salad Servers

Serve it up with these gorgeous and colorful salad servers. Leafy greens get the royal treatment with bio-based plastic, a renewable material created from plant waste. We love sustainable items that don't sacrifice function or style, and Guzzini certainly nails it.

Guzzini Dolcevita Large Bowl

Entertain with ease with Guzzini Dolcevita bowls, available in 7, 9, and 11-inch diameter. Striking on their own, you'll put less thought into the aesthetics and focus more on what you're actually serving. 

If you're looking forward to spending more time outdoors, dining poolside or on the patio, Guzzini Dolcevita makes outdoor entertaining a breeze. Now, you just need to decide on color... 

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