If Pollock Was Into Homewares...

Can splashes of color really be clean and modern? We think so. Crow Canyon Home's line of enamelware featuring their iconic splatter pattern is the most popular of all their collections. It's giving a fresh take on those Jackson Pollock vibes. We're pumped to carry of few pieces from this women-owned, sustainable company out of northern California. And we not only love their background story and how eco-friendly this line is, but also the versatility of the products...

Crow Canyon Splatter Cocktail Tray/Deep Dish Pizza Pan

Take the deep dish pizza pan for instance. This piece of enamelware is the perfect pal for your favorite pizza, but also doubles as a cocktail tray. With high sides, you can trust that whatever you stack up won’t go spilling over. And whatever you're serving, you can do so in style. Plus, this beauty comes in a few different fun and bright color options.

Crow Canyon Splatter Benson Basin with or without Stand

The Benson Basin is another one of those versatile styles we love. Chill your beverages in style, serve [spiked] punch, fill it with buffet-sized portions, or serve up the biggest bowl of popcorn ever. However you use it, you'll certainly bring some pizzazz to the party.  

Crow Canyon Splatter Small Rectangle Tray

This rectangle tray is a jack-of-all trades addition to your houseware needs. Use it for baking a person focaccia, organize your kitchen or bathroom countertop, use it for table displays, and of course serving. In bright colors, it adds interest to your living spaces no matter the purpose it serves. Did we mention all the enamelware is safe to use on the oven, grill, stovetop, or campfire? And they are dishwasher safe!

Crow Canyon Island Breeze Candle in Enamel Container

Switching it up to add some new colorways all in one. The Island Breeze candle collection is hand painted in bold combinations of bright colors to add a little festivity. Plus, these soy candles smell fantastic. When you've burned it all up, use the container as a mini vase, pencil cup, or anything else you may want to collect.

Liven up your homewares and give your living spaces some oomph with beautiful, interesting, whimsical — yet practical — pieces that make the everyday a little more fun. Shop Crow Canyon in our store on the North Fork or shop online! There's always something new to discover.

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