Outdoor Dreaming with Innit Designs

Wait a minute... spring, is that you? Even if this warm weather is just a tease, we're ready to spend our days in nature. And yes, your backyard counts as nature in our book. Whether it's a poolside patio, beachfront deck, plant-filled balcony, or any other fresh air space, you can - and should - treat your outdoor spaces like an extension of your home. The new Innit Designs outdoor collection is a contemporary, North American-made solution for home's aesthetic, inside and out.

Handmade - we love it. Innit Designs uses steel and vinyl to create thoughtfully designed furniture, most notably, the Acapulco chair. You've seen it, we're sure. The multicolor chairs come in shades inspired by countries like Argentina, Brazil, Japan, good ole USA, and more. They also come in a variety of solid colors and frames, like copper and chrome. 

Innit Designs Acapulco Chair

One of the things we love about Innit Designs is the ability to use these pieces in or outdoors. Continuing on with the classic Acapulco Chair, the rocker is a total knockout. We particularly love the black complemented by a copper frame. This is one we'll be dragging around, indoors and out, season to season.

Innit Designs Acapulco Rocker

Swing, swing, here comes spring! [Yeah, that was bad... but we're excited anyway]. The nest-like construction of the Kwelga Hanging Chair is open and airy yet private for those who want to see and be seen, but also be able to retreat into their own personal floating world. Sounds like a dream, doesn't it?

Innit Designs Kwelga Hanging Chair

Get ready to hit a high pitch as you say, "That is SO cute!" The Micro-Acapulco chair gives your little one's favorite stuffed animals a modern seat at the tea party. You don't have to sacrifice your own aesthetic for the sake of Mr. Giraffe. 

Innit Designs Micro-Acapulco chair
Time to put your feet up... Innit Designs' Atom Ottoman is not just for sandy toes. Use this colorful accent as a side table with an optional glass top, or put two together to make a super cool coffee table base. With its durable powder coated steel frame and colorfast UV-resistant woven vinyl cord, this baby is also weatherproof and easy to clean.
Innit Designs Atom Ottoman
By now, you shouldn't need any convincing it's time to get excited for spring and summer. We've suffered a long, hard winter, that followed a long, hard year. You deserve sunshine, rainbows, flowers, and all the other happy things. Start by making your outdoor living spaces a place you really want to be. Stop by touchGOODS and we'll send you in the right direction, north of 50 degrees. Happy spring, all! 

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