Light the Night with Il Fanale Outdoors

Spring has sprung... or something like that. Now is the time to begin planning your outdoor spaces for those warmer days and shorter nights. And while we know lighting is one of those critical, often overlooked elements within the home, the same could be said for outside, too. The concept that your interiors and exteriors are an extension of one another holds true for lighting, and we have the perfect line to keep your outdoor spaces lit year-round...

il fanale drop outdoor pendant

A collection of beautifully hand-crafted, modern lighting inspired by old world tradition, Il Fanale uses classical materials to create contemporary lighting fixtures. Think copper, brass, iron, ceramic, and Murano hand-blown glass. The result is a sophisticated, intriguing piece that exemplifies lighting design.

il fanale QUADRO Wall Sconce

There's a sense of nostalgia in these pieces, a reminder of a simpler time. The designs honor history and heritage—Il Fanale has roots in the Venice area—with a modern precision that lends itself well to lighting, particularly for the outdoors. Plus, they're just so darn beautiful.

il fanale loggia outdoor post light

Il Fanale's lighting has such a range of styles, from drop pendants to posts to sconces to ceiling lights, and more, in a number of shapes and sizes. A clear reference to natural simplicity of form, the cone outdoor wall light is minimalist yet classic. The marina outdoor lights on the other hand is a nod to maritime past. 


il fanale cone outdoor wall light


marina outdoor light

il fanale marina outdoor light

We admit, there are tons of options to choose from. And just like within the home, you can mix and match styles and use different layers of lighting outdoors. If you need a little guidance, we know a gal who's pretty good with midcentury modern design and lighting. She runs the place, after all ;)

Get started on your outdoor spaces for summer with touchGOODS. More great design tips coming your way soon...

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