Northforker: touchGOODS is Planning Expansion Next Door

Well, we're not very good at keeping secrets. But why would we want to keep something so exciting hush-hush? So, in case you somehow missed all of our hints—touchGOODS is expanding! Our next door neighbor, Complement the Chef, has hung up the apron to move onto new ventures. As we expand our homewares section to include cookware, table settings, linens, and other home essentials to make touchGOODS a one-stop shop for your home, we're going to need some extra space. 

Norine Pennacchia touchGOODS Southold

We're not the only ones excited about the big news! Northforker's Tara Smith stopped by to chat about the expansion and what's next for touchGOODS...

touchGOODS Southold furniture store

"The timing was right for Pennacchia, who over the last two years found herself in need of more showroom space and she struggled to meet demand for an influx of new homeowners looking for pieces to add to their homes. 'Over the past couple years we’ve renovated a few rooms that were once storage spaces to create more showroom space,' she said, explaining why she jumped at the chance to expand."

Read the full Northforker story here!

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