Vintage Cotton Kantha Quilt

$ 95.00
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Vintage saris (women's dresses) are stacked on top of one another, and then hand-stitched together to create these fun and colorful quilts.  With different dresses making up each quilt,  the mixes of color and pattern are just delightful! 

Approximately 50 x 80 - full size.
Please note:  the garments used to create our kantha quilts are in fact vintage; thus you'll find that there are sometimes small hand-sewn repairs, patches and maybe even a small stain interspersed on your favorite quilt.  Don't let this worry you!  Part of the charm of kantha is the cacophony of color and pattern, and pieces with patches are actually coveted! Care instructions:  hand-wash or dry-clean only. 

Our quilt offerings are ever-changing. Please inquire about about current stock.