STONE Pendant Light 290.02

$ 1,310.00
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A masterpiece of craftsmanship and passion, a collection that carries the delicate and ancient soul of rivers. The Murano glass, meticulously crafted by the master glassblowers, evokes the beauty of ancient pebbles smoothed by the incessant water's flow and gleams thanks to the brass powder infused within the blend. Each Stone lamp is a one-of-a-kind piece, thanks to delicate details and gentle curves that encapsulate the essence of a living and breathing art, a design object where light and stone fuse together in a timeless symphony._x000D_ The structure, available both in dark or natural brass, allows the collection to complement both rustic and modern environments. When light dances through the sculpted glass, magic unfolds. Warm and embracing glimmers gently spread, creating an intimate and captivating atmosphere. Light transforms into poetry, gracefully immersing itself in the surrounding space.

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UL Listed. Please allow 8-10 weeks. Lighting is made to order in Italy.