Silicone Bowl Scraper

$ 6.99
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If you bake homemade loaves of bread, you know the sticky struggle that comes with prepping the dough. Minimize the hassle, and make working with the adhesive yeast mixture easier with our Bowl Scraper! Made of FDA approved food-grade red silicone, with a 430 stainless steel core, the scraper's shape and slightly flexible, yet firm construction allows maximum control. Its rounded edge will form to the shape of your bowl, making it perfect for lifting, folding, shaping, and gently turning out sticky bread dough without tearing. When you're not baking bread, this essential tool is great for getting every last drop out of your mixing bowls. No more wasted ingredients left behind! The scraper's width covers more area than your average spatula, and is heat-resistant and dishwasher safe for simple cleanup. A must-have tool for bakers and chefs alike, it's just what you need to get yourself out of that sticky situation