Vacuum-Insulated Large Serving Bowl (2.5Q)

$ 79.99
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If sharing is caring - care about what you share.

The served Insulated 2.5 quart (100 ounce) stainless steel, copper-lined, vacuum-insulated, double-walled bowl and the double-walled Tritan® lid will help keep whatever you share looking like you care (a lot). Never worry about serving warm potato salad or congealed stew. It keeps the cold food cold and the hot food hot for hours.

The curved shape makes carrying it easy, the silicone-sealed lid makes it spill-proof, and the double-wall keeps it from being too cold or hot to hold.

Back to looking like you care. This bowl is designed to showcase your taste and it's durable enough to keep looking that way for a loooong time.

10" X 4.4"

Vacuum-Insulated, Copper-Lined Double Wall
Premium design delivers excellent temperature retention, keeping food warm or cool

Stainless Steel Material
Durable and strong material won’t break, making it easy to take food anywhere

Silicone-Sealed Lid
Air-tight lid seals to prevent spillage and preserve food temperature

Sleek Finish
Modern exterior design is sweat-proof and table-ready for any occasion

Designed in the U.S.
Designed locally in the United States