Round Foldi Shades - Handmade, DIY Pendant Light Shades

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Round Foldi Shades - Handmade, DIY Pendant Light Shades - Available in 3 sizes & 16 colors!

Foldi Shades bring instant style and beautiful lighting to any room.

Each Foldi Shade is made by hand by an artisan who has spent years learning the craft. And Foldi Shades is committed to supporting these artisans by being Fair Trade Certified and guaranteeing a living wage to all makers of these amazing hanging pendant light shades. These shades are not made in factories but in our artisan's homes. And with every purchase, you make of a Foldi Shade you are supporting a family and traditional way of life.

  • small = 10" in diameter
  • large = 14" in diameter
  • XL = 16.5" in diameter

All of our round Foldi Shades come folded in a beautiful box and include two balloons and a mounting piece so that you can hang it on your pendant light. It only takes a few moments to open the box, unfold the shade and place a balloon inside the shade and blow it up. After that, you simply spray it down with water, tie it up and let it sit for a few hours to harden.

After that, all you have to do is hang it from any pendant that uses an E26 base (normal-sized) and bulb. Mix and match multiple colors, shapes, and styles of Foldi Shades to create the look that's perfect for your space. And these are perfect when used with either hard-wired pendant lighting or with plug-in pendant lights.

For a beautiful glow, we recommend using a globe-shaped G25 Matte White LED light bulb with your shade. This will allow the light to be dispursed and give your shade a beautiful glow.

*IMPORTANT - Only use Foldi Shades with LED bulbs.

During different parts of the day, the colors of the lampshades can appear at times to be different hues than shown in these photos. We have made our best attempts to provide realistic photos but understand that some of these shades will appear darker when not in a room with much natural light, or in the evenings.

Here are a few examples
- Latte is significantly darker when not in a sunny room.
- Beige has more brown undertones
- Cream is a buttery color with yellow undertones
- Dutch Orange is a bright and vibrant orange

More info

Shape: Round
Sizes: Small = 10 inch diameter; Large = 14 inch diamter, XL = 16.5" diameter
Diameter of the top opening on all-round Foldi Shades: 3.5"
Use: Indoor
Material: Man-made durable
Packaging: Elegant box suitable for gifting
Assembly Required: Yes - approximately 3 to 5 minutes to unfold, blow up and spray, and then 2 hours (in sun) to 24 hours (indoors with no sun) to set. Instructions and all supplies (except water) included.
NO Lightbulb included
USE ONLY LED Light bulbs with all Foldi Shades