Rainbow Extra Virgin Olive Oil Frantoio Muraglia, Striped Rainbow

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Orci collection.

The ultimate kitchen-to-table olive oil, this award-winning Italian oil works equally well for cooking and finishing. To preserve its rich flavor and aroma and protect it from sunlight, the extra-virgin olive oil is bottled for us in a hand-painted ceramic container that can be enjoyed as a vase or serving vessel after the oil is finished. Produced in Northern Apulia from Peranzana olives, Muraglia olive oil is cold-pressed using traditional granite grindstones for perfect structure and balance. The result is a robust, medium-fruity green oil whose peppery flavor offers notes of artichoke and fennel. Enjoy it in vinaigrettes, soups and sauces, or drizzled over pasta, grilled meat, chicken and seafood.  

It’s an exclusive collection, which is revamped every year, for a select extra-virgin olive oil.

Skilled artisans hand-paint small terracotta jugs with colors and designs from the time-honored vase painting tradition in Apulia.

These small, precious handcrafted vases contain a carefully selected oil with incomparable aroma and taste.

The care lavished on the figures and decorations, and the refinement shown in the choice of colors, recall the meticulousness with which the Muraglia family supervises the extraction of this premium extra-virgin olive oil.

Pairs beautifully with: Frantoio Muraglia Rainbow oil dipping plate


  • 17 fl. oz.
  • Made in Italy.
  • 100% extra-virgin olive oil.