Paris Nature Manual Wooden Pepper Mill , 22 cm - 9 in

$ 57.95
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The essential

The beautiful, unique Paris Nature pepper mill is carefully crafted from beech wood sourced from our own recycling, designed to reflect the company's policy of protecting the environment. It is equipped with Peugeot’s lifetime-guaranteed mechanism, designed specifically to shave and grind peppercorns and reveal all the aromas in the spice.

Standing 22cm - 9in. tall, this nature-inspired pepper mill will elevate the look of your countertops in a minimalist way, and become your favorite cooking companion for years to come. The button on top, marked with the brand's lion head in black for pepper, allows you to easily adjust the grind size according to your taste. A finer grind for more heat, or a coarser grind for a more intense flavor.

- PEFC certified recycled wood from France

- Partially filled with organic and fair-trade peppercorns; can be refilled with peppercorns and coriander 6mm in diameter max

- Case-hardened steel mechanism with a lifetime warranty

- Cracks then grinds for a more intense, fresh flavor

- Turn head clockwise only to grind

- Adjust grind with the turn of the knob

- Made in France by Peugeot