Oval Utensil Holder

$ 24.99
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Store your cooking utensils right where they're needed most with the Totally Bamboo Kitchen Utensil Holder. Crafted from durable Moso bamboo, this beautiful utensil holder is sure to look great in any kitchen. The unique, oval-shaped design makes it great for small spaces, ensuring it doesn't take up too much precious counter space. At 6 inches by 4 inches and 7 inches tall, this large utensil holder will easily store a wide range of utensils at once for quick access while cooking— no more reaching into a junk drawer in search of a spatula! It's great outside of the kitchen too; whether on a desk to hold office and school supplies or in a crafting room to keep tools and materials neat.

6" x 4" x 7"

Caring for the utensil holder is easy, simply wipe clean with a damp cloth and soap.