Off-White Mudcloth Fabric

$ 136.00
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Mudcloth is a handmade textile made in Mali, West Africa. The textiles available at touchGOODS are FAIR TRADE goods and support West African artisans with living wages and economic sustainability.

Cotton from the region is handwoven into strips then sewn together. The textile is then dyed and hand-painted with organic materials including fermented mud and plant matter.

What size is it?
Each piece is approximately 43"x63", also known as "Lapa" size. The size of individual pieces will vary.

What should I expect?
Mudcloth is a handmade textile and each piece is a one-of-a-kind item. Imperfections in handmade textiles are to be expected, including raw edges, intertwined plant matter, stitching imperfections, overdye, paint blots/smears, and/or stains.

How do I care for the textile?
Washing in the delicate cycle (or hand wash) is recommended to remove excess dye, as dye transfer is possible. Anticipate color fading after washing.