Nantucket Seafood Shrimp Deveiner

$ 5.99
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Peeling and cleaning shrimp makes for a more tasty and attractive presentation, but the tedious preparation can hinder the satisfaction. Speed up the prep process by utilizing nantucket seafood's shrimp deveiner and get to enjoying your meal faster. The deveiner features a sleek, lightweight, one-piece aluminum construction. Make quick work of splitting the shell and removing the vein all in one step for tastier shrimp. To use, insert the peeler between the meat and the shell and push forward. The sharp tip of the blade will split the shell and devein all at once. Much easier than struggling to use a knife, our deveiner will get your shrimp ready in seconds. Whether paired with pasta, frying or as an elegant appetizer, spend less time prepping and more time enjoying.

Dimensions: 7.3″ x 1″ x 0.3″