Lavender Cedar Leaf Dish Soap with Soap Bark & Aloe Vera

$ 14.99
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Caldrea Dish Soap makes washing dishes a luxury experience.

Rich, fragrant and effective, this concentrated formula cuts grease and cleans dishes to a sparkle.

Made with nature’s degreaser, soap bark extract, Aloe Vera for soft hands, plus essential oils and other thoughtfully chosen ingredients for a delightful clean.

Lavender Cedar Leaf - Take a moment. Sit atop your mountain and enjoy the calming smell of fresh herbs that come with the wind. This silent moment gives you a feeling of confidence, just like Lavender Cedar Leaf.

Use and care: Only a squirt or two tackles a sink full of dirty dishes.

Size: 16 fl oz Packaging: Bottle (less cap) made with 25% post-consumer recycled plastic.