Large Tall Matte Bamboo Serving Bowl

$ 48.00
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 Part of our "Bima" line. Bima stands for "bi-color matte", and has a matte finish over the entire bowl, as opposed to our classic line being in high-gloss. Do not use in the microwave or dishwasher. For cleaning, use any regular dish soap and a wet cloth. Each order comes with product care information so the consumer knows the care procedures. All of our Bamboo items are completely food-safe, and are great to use with Salad, Pasta, Soups, Popcorn, etc. Our bamboo products are very durable, and are great to use for indoor and outdoor dining, recreational vehicles, and boats!

Medium shallow bima bamboo bowl

Size; 10.2" X 6.2".

Food safe.

Handmade in Vietnam.