Kampot 3 x 20g Sachets of Cambodian Red Pepper

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A subtle pepper with sweetness & warmth
Red pepper is meticulously harvested, peppercorn by peppercorn. Only fully ripe peppercorns are used to produce Kampot's pride and joy. The result is an enchanting red pepper with fruity and indulgent aromas, as well as hints of citrus fruit and an exceptionally long-lasting taste in the mouth.
A perfect match for white and red meat, oily fish, vegetables (tomatoes and bell peppers) and legumes. It works particularly well in sweet and sour savoury dishes as well as fruit desserts (cherries, quince, citrus fruit, etc.) and chocolate.

Peugeot Premium Selection
- For Peugeot pepper mills
- Intensity 7

Packaged in airtight sachets to keep the pepper in tip-top condition
- Easy filling
- Triple protection against air, light and moisture
- Lower environmental footprint
- Locks in the aromas