French Baguette Pan - 3 Loaf

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Our 3-loaf perforated non-stick French Baguette Pan provides home bakers an easy way to bake warm, fresh French bread from the comforts of your kitchen.

Oo-la-la. Check out our baguette pan and bring a bit of Paris to your kitchen. Our speciality pan lets you turn out beautiful, crusty loaves three at a time. The three cavities are perforated to allow heat circulation around each loaf. In addition, the aluminized steel is also known to conduct heat evenly and stand up to heavy use. This bread loaf pan allows your recipes to bake faster so you get that heavenly aroma tickling taste buds in no time. See why our pans are prized by commercial bakeries and ready to serve in your home kitchen as well. The Americoat, nonstick layer is unsurpassed in food release and easy cleaning. It is FDA-approved food safe and cuts down on oils and cooking spray.

Bake 3 baguette loaves with our specially designed French Baguette Pan
Perforated to create perfectly crusty bread loaves
Your long, narrow loaves will bake to perfection in our aluminized steel bakeware
Our nonstick silicone coating is prized in commercial kitchens and professional bakeries
Made in the USA

Baking Surface Dimensions: 16 x 3.125 inches per well

Outer Dimensions: 16 x 9.5 x 1.187 inches

Material: Aluminized Steel