Flexible Cutting Mat (Set of 4)

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Protect your countertops with the Set of 4 Large Flexible Cutting Mats from Tovolo. Thick nylon mats protect kitchen countertops from knives and germs. Strong, durable nylon absorbs the force of knives as you slice, dice and chop to ensure your countertop is undamaged. Textured grip provides a non-slip base for these sturdy cutting mats. Keep the flexible cutting mat in place as you dice onions, chop vegetables and prepare meat. Textured surface keeps your food in place as you chop and dice. Four different colors allow you to keep meat separate from fruits and vegetables. Use separate mats for your meal prep to ensure you don’t spread bacteria. Keep germs at bay by using fresh mats for various ingredients. The super sturdy cutting mat with a non-slip grip. Color-coded to prevent cross-contamination. The thick material of the Flexible Cutting Mats stand up to your knives and protect your counters. Durable, flexible cutting board resists stains from tomatoes, berries, marinated meats, spices and more. Colorful nylon cutting board resists stains. Juices, coffee, and similar staining substances wash off easily with soap and water. Dishwasher safe. Made of BPA-free flexible plastic.

Height: 19"
Width: 0.5"
Depth: 11.5"
Weight: 1.1lb
Qty: 4