Flex 30 Wall Light

$ 82.00
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If you are looking for a lamp that can be easily maneuvered around your bed or nightstand, our Flex 30 wall light is the perfect fit for you. It can help you create a warm and tidy reading nook and accommodate any situation where you need to turn a light source into a lamp. Thanks to its mini rose with a built-in switch and an adjustable 30cm long fabric covered flex extension and GU10 spotlight, this lamp is extremely functional. You can shape it however you want and point the light beam where it's needed. You can let your creativity run wild! Additionally, you can choose the colors that best match your style and decor. 


Mini rose, in selected finish: Ø 83 mm, height 25 mm, hole diameter 10 mm, material: metal, ceiling locking bracket
single pole switch 0/I black

Flex arm with textile finish and metal terminals: length 30cm; Ø 10mm, in selected finish

Mini LED Gu1d0 spotlight, in selected finish: Ø 44 mm, height 76 mm, nominal tension 250 V, nominal current 2kV, pressure cable clamps 0.5 mm2:0.75 mm2, certifications: EN60838-1:2017+A1

Lightbulb spotlight [CAGU10R11]: LED, 3.2W, 260 Lm, 2700 K, Mini GU10 (MR11), F, Ø 34.5mm, height 46mm, not dimmable