Extended Steel Dish Rack

$ 65.00
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  • Extends to almost twice the size to hold many more items when needed
    Draining spout angles water directly into your sink and can be positioned in three different places to best fit your sink layout
    Raised ribs mean cleaner drying with no water being trapped under glasses and bowls
    Non-scratch draining prongs and rail to lean chopping boards against
    Movable cutlery drainer with knife slots to reduce the risk of accidents
    Stylish stainless-steel finish with fingerprint-resistant coating

  • Care & use:

    • Wash & dry by hand
    • Do not use abrasive cloths or strong chemical cleaners on stainless-steel parts.
    • Dismantles for easy cleaning


    Closed: H16.7 x W35.3 x D31cm (W14 x H6½ x D12¼ inches) 

    Expanded: H16.7 x W35.3 x D51.5cm (W14 x H6½ x D20¼ inches)