Dish Drainer with Mat "Dry & Safe"

$ 34.50
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Versatile dish drainer consisting of a handy mat of absorbent material and an antibacterial 100% post-consumer plastic rack made by recycling 3.6 disposable detergent bottles, able to take up to 12 plates. The innovative antibacterial plastic used is able to reduce bacteria proliferation. The mat allows dishes to dry quickly while protecting the sink and the dishes themselves from knocks and scratches. The dish drainer dismantles for even greater convenience: the rack can be washed in the dishwasher, and the mat in the washing-machine. What’s more, it is space-saving because the mat is simply wrapped around the drainer and secured with its integral elastic band to considerably reduce its size, ready for easy storage in a cupboard or under the sink.

Dimension: Open: 55x42,5xh6,5 cm Fold: 42,5x18xh7,5 cmCapacity: 12 dishes
Material: 100% post consumer recycled plastic

Made in Italy