Poultry Shears Heavy Duty Professional Kitchen Shears

$ 18.00
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Put the cleaver down, because JoyJolt Poultry Heavy Duty Shears are ready to make light work of cutting! Cuts a chicken in half through the breastbone and slices through strong bones, skin and meat with ease.

They make great spatchcock turkey shears!

And while you shouldn’t cut carpet with these heavy duty kitchen scissors, it’s encouraging to know they’re strong enough for that level of tough!

So you can use these kitchen shears poultry butcher shears for red meat, seafood and fibrous vegetables!

* Meat Shears for Chicken Skin, Bone and Red Meat * Heavy Duty Scissors for All Meats and Tough Veges.

* Ergonomic Soft Grip Textured Handle, Spring Loaded Scissors

* Kitchen Chicken Shears Feature Locking Mechanism for Safe Storage

* Super Sharp Cooking Scissors with Serrated Edge That Grips Meat

* Chicken Shears Heavy Duty and Dishwasher Safe

* Stainless Steel Kitchen Shears with PP/TPE Double Injected Handle