Baguette Baker - Mini-Baguette

$ 145.00
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The secret to making crispy bread is how it is baked: at high humidity levels, carefully adjusted according to the volume of dough being baked. Emile Henry bread bakers recreate the conditions found in a traditional bread oven, at just the right level of humidity. They ensure your homemade bread comes out baked to perfection, light and airy inside, with a golden, crispy crust.

When it comes to baking bread, nothing beats ceramic. The unique material used in our bread bakers has the same refractory properties as that used in traditional bread ovens. The ceramic allows humidity levels to be adjusted during baking, which is a requirement if the bread is to come out crispy, yet light and airy on the inside. The glazed exterior makes our bakers easy to keep clean.

Produces petite baguette loaves with crispy crust and airy interiors. Burgundian clay absorbs and retains heat evenly for gentle, uniform baking. Releases bread easily and will not chip, crack, craze or absorb odors or flavors. Designed for proofing and baking in one vessel. Turns out five 7" baguette loaves.

For Cleaning & Care of the product with unglazed area, simply use dishwashing liquid, water, and a sponge – rinse well and air dry.

Dimensions: 15.3" x 9" x 4.1"

From microwave or oven.