Colour Mix S12 Red Mixing Bowl 29cm

$ 50.00
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A design classic, the Mason Cash mixing bowls were first developed in 1901, but are still as relevant today. Made from earthenware, the Colour Mix red mixing bowl is light enough to hold in one arm while mixing, but sturdy enough when used on the countertop, making it the perfect bowl for home or professional bakers.
The distinct patterned exterior and rim are designed to help bakers grip and tip the bowl, while the wide shallow shape allows for kneading within the bowl.
The Size 12 Red Mixing bowl measures 29cm x 14cm, with a capacity of 4 liters, making this a perfect size for dough, pastry, cake, or cookie mixes. The bowl is dishwasher and freezer-safe.
The traditional shaped bowl has been a classic for Mason Cash for centuries, with a high-gloss glaze providing a chip-resistant finish. Mason Cash offers mixing bowls in a wide variety of sizes and colors, providing options for every baker to suit all kitchens.
Mason Cash was established in the heart of the English ceramic industry back in 1800 and has become world-renowned for its innovative, classic kitchenware today.