Classic Margarita Mix

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Dionysus, the god of festivity and pleasure, bestowed upon mortals the gift of his exquisite elixirs.
Within each drink is an instant encounter with splendors heretofore known only to the divine.

DIO is crafted from the world’s finest, all-natural ingredients, offering modern twists on classic cocktails
from around the world. Divinely distilled from Herculean-strength spirits, our luxurious libations
are sweetened sinlessly . . . so you don’t have to be.

Classic Margarita


Exotic Persian lime meets a touch of California orange citrus for a tantalizingly tart and refreshing tonic.

Mix with spirits for a celestial cocktail or cut with soda water for a maenadic mocktail.

Per drink - Calories: 20 | Sugar: 3g
Mix 1:1 with tequila or mezcal.

Serves 15 Drinks.