Chess Whiskey Glass 16.9oz Set of 4

$ 56.00
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The crisscross pattern in the base creates an unmistakable play of light and color. Gold-hued whiskey, classic highball drinks, and colorful cocktails shimmer with elegance.

Schott Zwiesel machine-made TritanTM Crystal glassware uses a formula that replaces lead with zirconium for added brilliance and titanium for strength. Recognized internationally as the world’s best crystal, the laser polished rims and balance in the hand heightens the wine’s profile and your tasting experience. This crystal glass minimizes surface scratching and fractures, making it not only dishwasher safe, but unrivaled for its elegant design.

  • Brilliant Clarity
  • Break Resistant
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • TritanTM Crystal Glass