$ 12.00

This is the challenge, especially with regard to technologies, that Guzzini has accepted, and for 2019 it is launching the CIRCLE programme, to transition from the "material-production-use-waste" production chain to the circular "recovery-recycling-production-reuse-recovery" system. Circle comprises products made from Recycled Plastic eco-sustainable materials, with improved functional performances. It is a complex, high-precision procedure which processes recycled materials. With Circle, Guzzini gives value to circularity: objects become tools, central to the relations between people and the environment, for lasting use and reuse. This means regenerating; it means producing things with their recovery, and a new formal and functional purpose, in mind. The Tidy&Store boxes and organiser trolleys, new for 2019, are a tangible example.

Dimension: 15,3 x 11,2 x h7 cm
Designer: Pio & Tito Toso

Made in Italy