$ 19.99

Our Honeycomb Pillars are solid rather than wrapped giving you as long a burn as our smooth beeswax pillars with a beautiful honeycomb texture. Hand-poured using 100% pure beeswax and a cotton wick.

Item #117 (897580001134) - 3"x6" Pillar (Weight: 1.34lb)
Item #118 (897580001141) - 3"x3" Pillar (Weight: .88lb)
Item #133 (897580001158) - 2"x6" Pillar (Weight: .59lb)
Item #119 (897580001165) - 2"x3" Pillar (Weight: .32lb)

Please note: Always remove the label before burning.

Size Burn Time
3″x6″ 100 hrs
3″x3″ 50 hrs
2″x6″ 60 hrs
2″x3″ 30 hrs
Made in the United States of America