Beechwood Wooden Mixing / Cooking Spoon

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The French Beechwood Spoon

The spoon that started it all. Wield this classic French wood spoon in the kitchen, and everybody will know you mean business. Pacific Merchants offers this wood spoon in sizes from 8" to 18" in order to meet all of your culinary needs. The solid wood handle will feel delightful in your hand as you whip up sauces, fold delicious dough, and stir sumptuous stews.

French wood spoons have a rich history and an important place in culinary culture. All our French wood spoons, tools, and spatulas are lovingly hand-crafted and imported from France, and thus are of the highest quality and beauty. Wood spoons will not discolor food, alter taste, conduct heat, or melt. Thanks to its tight grain and pores, beechwood is resistant to warping and cracking. Cleaning is simple; wash with warm water and allow to air dry.


  • Regular grade beech wood spoons measuring 8, 10, 12, 14, 16 and 18-Inches in length
  • Hand crafted in France by small, artisan factories owned by families who have carved wood into spoons, spatulas and utensils for generations
  • Safe for non-stick cookware surfaces, porcelain, ceramic, glass or enamel and the hardness of the wood means they will resist staining or picking up odors
  • Beechwood is obtained from known, legal and well-managed timber sources
  • Easy care - just wash with warm soapy water and air dry

French beech wood spoons and spatulas are the world renowned classics that everyone grew up with. Your mom probably used one as they are the workhorse of wooden utensils for cooking, baking, stirring, serving and disciplining children (just kidding) for generations. French made beechwood spoons spatulas are an attractive yet functional way to serve and will certainly add joie de vivre to your family events or dinner parties. France is commonly known as the preeminent source for classically shaped, high-quality wooden spoons and spatulas as compared to anywhere else on the globe. Pacific Merchants sources beech wood from small, family-run artisan factories who value quality wood-working versus simply the speed of production. The world-class skill of carving hardwood spatulas and crafting small wooden accessories has been proudly passed down from generation to generation. If you look carefully, you will notice distinct carving marks somewhere on each piece. The natural features of the beechwood grain means no two pieces look the same. Each beechwood spoon and spatula has natural imperfections in the wood grain. These "beauty marks" are normal and add character and charm to each piece, almost like a sculptural piece of art. The sanded smooth handles feel comfortable and easy in your hand and will not become hot when rested on the side of a boiling pot. Beechwood is resistant to heat, staining, and picking up odors. Each piece has its own stamp of quality with the word "France" burned into each handle, denoting the pride and providence of wooden spatulas made In France. Take care of your beechwood wooden spoon and you will enjoy using it for years and years. C'est magnifique!