Baltique Marrakesh Salad Hands, Salad Serving Utensils

$ 20.00
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Salad hands are a great way for your shoppers to get "hands" with their salads.

The design provides a natural feel when tossing, mixing, and serving salads with far better control than standard salad tongs or salad utensil sets.

Each hand features a knob on the back to grip the bowl and prevent it from slipping into the salad when not in use.

In addition to lettuce, cabbage, and spinach salads, salad hands work wonderfully for pasta salads too!

Awash in a warming mélange of color, the baltique marrakesh collection takes its coloring cue from the sights and sounds of the bustling Moroccan markets.

Each salad hand measures 6-1/4 inches high and 3-3/8 inches wide.