Bagpodz 5-Pack - Blue

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BagPodz was created out of watching the frustration and habits of shoppers once a ban on single-use plastic bags began in Austin, Texas. People were forgetting to bring their big bulky piles of reusable bags to the stores or else their vehicle's back seat or trunk was full of random, low-quality reusable tote bags. And the totes were being filled to the point were they could barely be lifted by shoppers and all the groceries were crushed together.

BagPodz is a very compact and convenient package that contains all the reusable bags needed for a whole shopping trip's worth of groceries and the bags come out of the pod one at a time as needed at the checkout. It's also enough bags that customers can separate their groceries by type such as light and crushable in one, frozen in another, heavy canned goods in another, cleaning products in another and so on.

Bagpodz 5-pack (caribbean blue) includes 5 reusable bags. Perfect portable size. Compact and convenient but holds a lot of groceries! Bag material: 100% bluesign certified ripstop nylon. Pod material: 100% bluesign certified ripstop nylon.