ATLAS Pillow 20 x 20

$ 268.00
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The cactus silk, also known as Sabra silk, used in Bryar Wolf’s Moroccan Silk Collection is handwoven by gifted fiber artisans in the villages of Morocco, North Africa, and the Sahara.  Local fair-trade farmers and villagers harvest the leaves of the Saharan Aloe vera, a member of the agave family, for their fine filaments and then handloom the textural canvases into beautiful patterns that evoke ancient Berber design motifs. Every pillow in our luxurious Moroccan Silk collection is a unique, one-of-kind piece.  All-natural botanical pigments are used to dye the yarns and each pillow cover earns its own identity and burnished character from washing and drying under the blazing Moroccan sun.  

• Handmade, handwoven, and designed in Bend Oregon, USA

• Dry clean only

• Due to the handcrafted nature of the material, patterns may vary