14" Round Pizza Pan

$ 24.99
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If you want a restaurant quality pizza with a crust baked to perfection, look towards our non-stick 14” Pizza Pan designed to evenly heat your pizza.

This round, nonstick bakeware is pleasing for pizza, but delightful for desserts as well
Our medium-sized pizza pan is 14-inches of baking perfection
The ridged bottom allows adequate air circulation so you get evenly baked, crispy crust
Our proprietary nonstick coating and high-quality steel construction are the gold standard in commercial kitchens around the world
Made in the USA

While our pizza pans turn out such beautiful pizza pies that you might never do take-out again, it doesn’t need to stop there. This 14-inch round can also bake the perfect cookie or tart base. Let your culinary imagination roam wild. No matter what treats you whip up, you can be assured they will bake to perfection. Our steel is aluminized so you get strength, durability, and warp resistance married to even heat distribution and conductivity. The perfect pairing for crispy crust, even baking, and consistent results. Try it for yourself and you will see why our pans are used in test kitchens and commercial establishments around the country. But the icing on the cake, ahem, pie? is our superior nonstick coating. Americoat is an FDA approved, food safe, silicone coating that lets your baked goods slide right off the pan - which is particularly important as you want to slice on a cutting board so you don’t damage the coating on the pan.

Baking Surface Dimensions: 14 x 14 x 0.375 inches
Outer Dimensions: 14.75 x 14.75 x 0.375 inches
Material: Aluminized Steel