Welcome! I'm Norine Pennacchia, founder of touchGOODS. 

I've had the pleasure of working in the interior design industry for over a decade—designing, importing and selling custom furniture and lighting to retail and trade clientele in the Hamptons, NY. My long-time passion is discovering, and often restoring, pre-loved, secondhand treasures of yesterday. I particularly gravitate towards mid-century modern décor, which boasts clean, sweeping lines, soft edges, simple ornamentation, minimal fuss, well-constructed joints, and high quality wood with the warmest of tones. These characteristics not only please the eye, but evoke sublime feelings of nostalgia for so many of us: Think suburbia, and the pleasures of Grandma's house.
My appreciation for mid-century design grew as I learned, and continue to learn, of its history; designs that came about during tough economic post-war years when many people had to simplify their lives. Perhaps that's why fuss-free mid-century designs have made such a strong comeback, and why the DIY movement is so strong today! Here's a great article on that topic:
Mid-century furnishings, alongside pieces from other eras, create a clean, relaxed, mix-and-match aesthetic that not only warms up a space, but creates conversation. I've inherited art, antique jewelry, accessories, furniture, appliances, kitchen gadgets, and tools, and I have ongoing success treasure hunting at yard sales and thrift shops. I discovered some wonderful pieces in the area and collected them… and then I collected some more. I also have extensive experience refinishing furniture; I find great pleasure in bringing new life to old pieces. Once one piece gets cleaned up and finds a new owner, another is found, ensuring unique merchandise that changes frequently. Each item evokes a sense of wonder for the quality, detail, and freshness that is still reliable, stylish, and somehow modern after half a century. These are the attributes I offer my customers.
Why the name? I used to collaborate with a family-run business based in the UK called Touchwood. They specialized in handmade bespoke furniture. The hand-polished finishes they produced were lovely to see and to touch. Across the pond, you are encouraged to "touch wood" any time you mention hopes for the future, in order to avoid bad luck. It's the UK version of "knock on wood." The name stuck with me, and I find myself saying it frequently. Also, my husband's restaurant is called Touch of Venice, so there's a "touch" of that in there as well. Should you find yourself on the North Fork of Long Island, stop there for an amazing Italian meal.
Thanks for visiting touchGOODS. I hope you find something to love...