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Calm, serene, & blissful - a collection of the most luxurious down filled bedding sleeping pillows, duvets, blankets and pads, created by a global cooperative socially and environmentally committed to RDS; a responsible down standard.


Every Simply Down product offers you unparalleled luxury and superiority. Our down is unsurpassed, as we use only the finest quality white goose down with the largest most resilient clusters.
These yield the superior grade that meets our exacting standards. Each bale is carefully washed and sterilized so that your bedding is 100% pure, luscious and hypoallergenic. We discriminately use the most exquisite downproof cottons and silks. We only use the very best and it shows.

The Responsible Down Standard (RDS)

RDS insures that 100% of each product’s down and feathers come from ducks and geese that have been treated well. This means enabling them to live healthy lives, express innate behaviors, and not suffer from pain, fear or distress. Simply Down’s founder Barbara Freedman was the first person to bring RDS to marketplace – connecting the manufacturers who make comforter and pillow covers with the suppliers of down and feathers to create an eco-friendly, no-waste collaborative.