socially conscious.
sustainably designed.
artisan made.


M I N D A:living is a socially conscious lifestyle brand.

Our collections are crafted by artisan hands, from sustainably sourced materials. We believe in ethical production, artisan empowerment, limiting our impact on the earth, and maximizing our impact on the people and communities we touch.

We believe in beautiful product, with a purpose and a story.

Courtesy of MindaLiving.com

INDIE Indigo Throw Pillow | touchGOODS Only 2 left!
Boucherite Pillow | touchGOODS Sold out
Baule No. 5 | touchGOODS Only 2 left!
Baule No. 4 | touchGOODS Sold out
Round Leather Pouf | touchGOODS Only 1 left!
VEDA: handloomed ikat pillow | touchGOODS Only 1 left!
Kilim Woven Pouf | touchGOODS Sold out
Grey Handira | touchGOODS Sold out