In Stock and Ready to Ship!

Many retailers, both brick-and-mortar and e-commerce, are struggling right now to receive and replenish inventory due to nationwide and worldwide COVID-19 restrictions,  We’ve decided to create a collection of Ready to Ship inventory of sofas, sectionals, sleepers, beds, lighting, decor, dining furniture and more to ensure you don't have to wait months!

What exactly does “Ready to Ship” mean? Just what it sounds like: all the furniture, lighting, and decor within the “In Stock and Ready to Ship” collection is either in stock in our warehouse, or at one of our US vendors warehouses, and will be scheduled to ship out in 3-5 days (give or take - we’d love to have it leave the warehouse the second you hit “Complete Order” but we do need a little time to process).

So, while some of our items have a longer lead time as a result of the pandemic situation, touchGOODS will continue to update our online store for everything you need to make yourself at home (even if you’re in a rush…we get it).  

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