Swiss Classic 3-Piece Chef's Knife Set

$ 118.00
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The Swiss Classic 3-Piece Chef's Knife Set by Victorinox features three kitchen essentials - each with an ergonomic handle that fits nicely in your hand, as well as a sharp blade that holds its edge.

This set includes the Swiss Classic 8-inch Chef's Knife, 8-inch Flexible Fillet Knife and 3.25-inch Parer.

Victorinox knives all have high carbon, stainless steel blades that are hand finished at Victorinox in Switzerland by skilled craftsmen. Each knife is stamped from a single sheet of metal. The blade is then hardened, tempered, ground, polished, etched and finished. Victorinox uses a special tempering process to produce an edge that can be resharpened over and over again.

The contemporary handles of Swiss Classic knives are inspired by the patented Fibrox handles of Victorinox professional knives, which are the preferred tools of chefs around the world. Swiss Classic handles are NSF approved, with minimal crevices to offer hospitality to bacteria.

The versatile 8" chef's knife is an essential tool for any kitchen. This kitchen multi-tasker can handle almost any cutting you need to do - from slicing a melon to dicing an onion. The 8-inch blade is the most common for home cooks, as this long blade makes each cut more effortless than does a small blade.

The straight, flexible blade of the 8" fillet knife is designed for cutting close to the bone when working with fish. The length and give of the blade allow the chef to follow each curve of the fish and skin and debone with little waste.

The pointed tip of the Swiss-made 3.25" parer is perfectly designed for almost any small task, from hulling strawberries to dicing garlic or chives to deveining shrimp. This versatile parer is also an excellent gardening companion.

Blade Lengths: 8 inches (Chef's), 8 inches (Fillet), and 3.25 inches (Parer)

Fillet Knife: Up to 16 characters can be laser engraved on the opposite side of the Victorinox branding.