Two-Night Minimum with Rialto

If you have a home on the East End, you've likely noticed an uptick in friends and family looking to visit for the weekend. We get it - it's summer, the weather is beautiful, things are reopening, we all need an escpace, etc. etc. Weekend guests are here and they're here to stay... with you. One of our biggest requests at touchGOODS is for a sofa bed. You want it, we got it. Multi-functional décor is what it's all about after all...

Rialto Sofa Bed

Gus* Modern's recently-launched fall 2021 collection features what will be the ultimate must-have for entertaining year-round. The Rialto sofa bed is modern and attractive, meaning you won't need to sacrifice style for the sake of comfortable sleeping arrangements. Sophisticated details include rounded cushions with knife-edge seams and solid ash legs. You’d never know the Rialto was actually the world’s dreamiest sofa bed.

Rialto Sofa Bed

Gus* Modern Rialto Sofa Bed

An innovative and durable steel mechanism easily unfolds to reveal a comfy, memory foam mattress while the integrated back and seat cushions are tucked out of view – making bedtime a cinch. During the day, feather and fiber wrapped foam back cushions deliver unrivaled comfort.

Rialto Stria Haze

Consistent with midcentury modern design color palettes, the Rialto sofa bed is available in neutral tones that lend itself to any space. The dark Stria Haze is a bold complement to existing design, while the neutral hues of Dawson Moon and Stria Sand serve as a beautiful canvas to other colors and design elements. We also may never get over that millennial pink trend, softened here as Dawson Rose. Oh, possibilities. 

After a good night's sleep on this sofa bed, your guests will be returning for more than just a trip to the North Fork or the Hamptons. While we're certainly obsessed with this latest and greatest style, we also offer a number of other sofa bed options - check them out here!

Let's get to designing. Visit touchGOODS in-store and online. We'll see you soon!

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